ABOUT ME - MJ Bennett Photography


Photography is not only my passion but my chosen means of personal expression. I think the most exciting part of photography is the search for great images; going out and finding things to shoot and seeing things through the lens that everyone else misses. I play with all subject matter but tend to focus on subjects with vibrant color, rhythm and/or unique textures and detail. When out in the field with my camera(s), I have fun using a number of in-camera techniques such as panning, swipes, multiple exposures, and blurs. Since making the transition from film to digital, I am also constantly experimenting with various photo editing tools in order to achieve a “painterly” effect to my images. In all my images I attempt to capture the play of light and shadow that makes an ordinary photograph extraordinary.

My creative talent did not surface until I quit smoking back in the 1990’s. I think all that oxygen now getting to my brain had something to do with it! I started taking photos when I traveled in my job with the Defense Department and received many compliments on my photos. In 2001, I began my training in photography with courses at the Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, Virginia, followed by courses at several community colleges. I became addicted to photography and when I retired, I continued to develop my skills as a photographer by attending workshops and lectures by some of the best professional photographers in the U.S. and through Web-based training courses.

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